Management Model

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Management Model

 Management Philosophy

“People oriented”. In modern business management, the rational organization and effective utilization of human resources, the effective arousal of enthusiasm and initiative of employees, the improvement of staff’s competence and development and cultivation of staff’s capabilities are essential for the effective operation and performance of the entire company’s system and have a vital impact on the capacity and effect of the company’s production and operation. The management of people is the most important in business management. All management works must be centered around people, with an aim to enhance the quality of people, arouse enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of people to do their works professionally.

“Benevolence and integrity”. “Benevolence” is an important part of the socialist core values. “The benevolent love others”. The development of modern society, nations and individuals must take “love for all people” and “helping oneself, other people and things succeed” as premise and purpose. “Benevolence” is also the cradle of “harmony”, “fairness”, “dedication” and “friendliness”. Integrity is the basis of behaving oneself and founding a state. “One cannot be without credit”. One must “keep his promise” in getting along with others and “guard the integrity and courtesy”. As the moral cultivation of an individual, one must “uphold personal integrity” and “have an upright mind after integrity is internalized and then cultivate oneself after an upright mind is acquired”.

“Every, Continue, Improve” (ECT). Every means every area, all employees and all processes, Continue means continuously and constantly, and Improve refers to improve and innovate. ECT is an effective approach to realize the strategic goals, keep increasing values and strengthen the vitality of the enterprise. It is also an advanced method to create an excellent management team and improve, optimize and integrate resources, a source of vitality and driving force for the sustainable development of the enterprise and a management innovation on the basis of staff management by objectives.

In the process of establishment and development, Chain Kingdom lays emphasis on the management philosophy of “people orientation”, “benevolence and integrity”, and “continuous improvement”, values the growth of employees, customers and the company. By providing its employees with competitive pay package and adopting open management and personalized care, it keeps improving the professional level and skills of the employees, cultivates and selects talents widely, promotes enterprising and pioneering talents to management positions at various levels to infuse fresh blood to the development of the company and lay a solid foundation for breaking new ground.

Management Model

The company promotes a work model of “unified target and individual accountability, combination of responsibilities, power and benefits”. Any department should work to maximize the interests of the company. A four-level vertical management hierarchy is in place, namely, the president, vice president/financial supervisor, general manager of each center, and the head of each center. Management hierarchy is characterized by vertical leadership, horizontal coordination and unified command. The targets are broken down and responsibilities are assigned from level to level to form an uninterrupted leadership and structure of authority. The president is in charge of the whole company. Each center has relative independence and autonomy, develops specific work objectives within its power and makes concrete business objectives.

A sound management system is the foundation for modern business management, which plays an important role in maintaining the normal production, operation and order, and improving the work efficiency and economic benefits. Chain Kingdom emphasizes the establishment and perfection of rules, regulations and procedures. By developing comprehensive regulations, procedures, databases and control lists, it has formulated Employee Handbook and Handbook of Operation, to “manage the company according to law” and “abide by rules and regulations”. As a result, its management system becomes increasingly orderly, standard and systematic. At present, the company has initially formed an effective modern management system with its own characteristics, which plays an important role in operation and puts the company in a virtuous circle.