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Outlook on Talents

Chain Kingdom believes that everyone is a talent. Anybody can be recognized as a talent of Chain Kingdom as long as he or she agrees with the philosophy of the company, shows professional spirit and quality and is able to produce positive results.
It’s a constant pursuit of Chain Kingdom to develop and create a talent team that is leading in the market, able to create organizational advantages, guide the values and show a sense of mission and responsibility and support the realization of its strategic goals.

View on Talents

Chain Kingdom advocates that the enterprise and employees grow together. With the development of the enterprise, the employees will also have remuneration and position corresponding to their contribution as recognition for their value.
We encourage employees to demonstrate abilities, themselves and values. We are pursuing a kind of value culture. We respect labor, encourage dedication and reward efforts. We uphold the culture of sacrifice.

Talent Management

Performance-oriented and fact-based, we take abilities as our yardstick and allow those who work harder to earn more.
We value performance, advocate competition, oppose mediocrity. We carry forward a competition culture. We respect the fact, fairness and build harmony. We advocate a culture of impartiality.
By means of cultural training, shaping of values, incentive mechanism and work experience, Chain Kingdom creates an atmosphere of motivation and growth to stimulate the enterprising spirit, sense of responsibility and mission of the employees, guides them to explore the meaning of work and life, with an aim to reach a higher level of spirit and transcend the pursuit of personal gain.